OR-110 Cover protection FOR OR-48




The new Orca 600D cover was design to protect and secure the OR-48 ORCART
during field and check in transportation.

The cover comes with “spring buckle”, to adjust the diameter of the cover, two top special
openings for the bag trolley handle & external label/biz card mesh pocket. The cover folds
into a small pouch for easy storage and comes with a Digits Locker (included)


ModelInternal: cm/InchExternal: cm/inchWeight: Kg/ Lb
OR-110Length: 45 cm /17.7”
Width: 39 cm / 15.35”
Height: 71 cm /27.9”
Length: 45 cm /17.7”
Width: 39 cm / 15.35”
Height: 71 cm /27.9”
0.59 Kg/
1.3 Lb

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