Orca Bags General Cleaning Instructions

*Disclaimer: In general, Orca bags have three layers of internal coating and are designed

  1. Do not use a washing machine to clean your Orca bag under any circumstances. This could distort the bag’s shape and damage the machine.


  1. Do not dry clean.


  1. To remove accumulated dust and grit, use a regular vacuum cleaner. We also recommend a brass bristle brush, the kind sold in supermarkets for scrubbing pots and pans. Use the brush with soap to remove dirt and wash with clean water.


  1. For stubborn dirt that does not wash off, we recommend an upholstery cleaner, which can be bought at most auto supply stores. Use it according to the manufacturer’s instructions and keep it away from clear vinyl windows.


  1. To clean vinyl windows, use soap and warm water, or the kind of hand cleaner you can buy at auto supply stores. Make sure to use one without grit. Gritty cleaner will scratch vinyl and should be avoided when cleaning clear windows.


  1. Once your case is clean, any moisture wicking can be largely prevented with a water repellent product like Scotchgard (made by 3M and widely available).