OR-83V Vertical Sand/Water Bag

OR-83V Vertical Sand/Water Bag

How many times have you needed a sandbag, but found it was too heavy to fly with, so you purchased one locally and then forgot it and left it on location? The Orca OR-83V (Vertical) or OR-83H (Horizontal) sand/water bags were designed to help carry sandbags to any location, with an option to fill the bag with water or sand. The bag is made from one cavity of durable tarpaulin material with a binding strap, so it is easy to fill with sand or water bladders*.
(* Water Bladders sold separately)
The OR-81B Water Bladder is sold separately and can hold up to 4 litters (about 1 gallon)! Two bladders are needed to fit one OR-83V or OR-83H (one bladder in each side).

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    The OR-81B Water Blader for the OR-81 Sand/Water Bag It offers a unique feature that enables the user to replace the sand with water