OR-102 ORCA BAGS video Camera Rain Cover


The OR-102 was Designed to cover and protect any video camera from rain and dust while shooting outdoors.
The Orca Rain covers are made from strong TPU transparent material, for maximum visibility. the Orca Bags video camera rain covers. come in 4 sizes (OR-100/102/104/106) for more info, please use our Bag finder.

Main features:

  • Made from transparent material for easy viewing (TPU).
  • Small and compact.
  • Easy to apply in any situation.
  • Special inflatable Skelton system for better support and use.
  • Available in 4 sizes


ModelInternal: cm / InchExternal: cm / inchWeight: Kg / Lb
OR-102L: 55cm / 21.65"
H: 36cm / 14.17"
L: 55cm / 21.65"
H: 36cm / 14.17"
0.40kg / 0.88Lb

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