The latest of the hardshell family bags
(OR-65,OR-66,OR-67,OR-68 & OR-69)
Was designed to carry and protect any sensitive equipment on location
The OR-655 , Can store dual wireless systems, small hard drives, small on camera lights ,conectors and more
the OR-655 comes with internal detachable mesh pockets, a pnnel for small accesories  with rubber straps
2 external “loops” (can be connected to any external shoulder strap)

Main features

– Hard shell for maximum protection to any sensative gear.
– Can carry carry dual recivers wirelss systems.
– Internal detachable mesh pockets\Orginizers for small accesories , conectors ,antennas and more.
– Elastics stripes to secure the wireless systems inside the case .
– 2 external loops  to connect any shoulder straps (shoulder strap sells seperately)
– Light wheight , easy to cary and store

ModelInternal: cm / InchExternal: cm / inchWeight: Kg / Lb
OR-655L: 28.5cm / 11.22"
W: 14.5cm / 5.70"
H: 5cm / 1.96"
L: 31cm / 12.2"
W: 17cm / 6.69"
H: 7cm / 2.75"

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